Gateway Casinos awards 3 cars in 1 week!

Greater Vancouver, BC, July 14, 2014 –Two Gateway Casino locations have awarded 3 cars in 1 week. Two at Starlight Casino in New Westminster and one at Grand Villa Casino in Burnaby.

Three HUGE Wins in one week!

July started with a bang for Erlinda who won a 2014 Ford Mustang GT500 while playing Race To Win on Saturday, July 5th at Starlight Casino. Erlinda’s words to staff as they presented her with the win were “I’m still shaking.” She and her husband are very excited to win the car.

The 2nd win came the very next day at Grand Villa Casino where Mr. Le won a 2014 BMW 4 series.  Mr. Le was very smiley about his win.

To round out the trio of big winners, Marie drove home in a 2015 Audi A3 on Wednesday, July 9th from Starlight Casino. 4 short days after the first vehicle was won.  Marie was ecstatic and said, “I was very happy to be there and very happy to win. I have never won anything quite that big in my life. I played for a short time only while waiting to catch a Shuttle Bus. With a chuckle she added, “I was very happy to miss the Shuttle Bus at the end.”

“The entire casino gets very excited when the Race To Win car is won,” says Brenda Smith, Executive Marketing Manager, “staff and patrons get to see first-hand the joy of the player who has just won.”

Congratulations to these very lucky players! A Gateway Casino location is the only place to play!

Race To Win is a Mystery Bonus game offered in some BC casinos. This group of slot machines are all connected and offer a randomly won bonus prize before the meter reaches a randomly determined value. Players are eligible to win the bonus prize with any number of credits played! Each credit contributes to the bonus prize and the Mystery Bonus Game winner wins when his or her credit is the one that reaches the randomly determined mystery value that will trigger the bonus win.

The Bonus prize can be awarded at any time, on any spin – winning or non-winning! So when a Mystery Bonus Game winner is announced, be sure to check the overhead sign for the machine number. You could be a winner!

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