Gateway Casinos & Entertainment Leads Hospitality Sector in Sustainable Solutions

Canadian gaming and entertainment provider, Gateway Casinos, leads the hospitality sector in energy conservation

 Vancouver, British Columbia, July 23, 2014 – Gateway Casinos & Entertainment has enhanced its position as a leader in energy conservation this month with the entertainment business topping the Hospitality sector in BC Hydro’s Power Smart ranking.

The position was cemented this past week with the installation of a new cooling tower at the company’s Burnaby flagship building, Grand Villa Casino that not only keeps patrons cool in the summer heat, but reduces total energy consumption.

The cooling tower is the second to be installed at the facility, capturing the heat rejected by the building and redirecting it to the hot water supply, reducing the strain on boilers and water heaters and saving Gateway Casinos almost $100,000 in annual energy costs.

Gateway’s Energy Specialist, Michelle Lin, says the upgraded cooling system is part of the company’s commitment to continuing to find and implement innovative techniques to save energy.

“We want to be recognized not only for our entertainment options but also our environmentally conscience efforts, which is why we’ve implemented a program of traditional and modern energy conservation methods,” Ms. Lin said.

“It’s initiatives like the new cooling tower at Grand Villa Casino that has gained us the recognition of BC Hydro and FortisBC. The cooling tower alone helps to power 112 homes and reduces 208 tons of GHG.

“Combine this with our electric vehicle charging station and becoming the first ever gaming venue to purchase and utilize renewable natural gas provided by FortisBC, and Gateway is well on its way towards our 2020 goal of reducing our carbon footprint by 20% (or 34,121 metric tonnes of CO2).” The greenhouse gas savings is equivalent to removing over 7,000 passenger vehicles from the roads.

Over the past 3 years, Gateway has implemented the following “green” initiatives at its Grand Villa Casino facility:

  • Installing four charging stations for patrons with electric vehicles – resulting in savings of 1,673 gallons of gasoline or 1,349 kg of greenhouse gas emissions
  • Installing low-flow aerators for automated faucets
  • installation of day light harvesting lighting control
  • Replacing light bulbs, appliances, and other equipment with energy efficient models
  • Implementing single-stream recycling and

These environmentally friendly practices also earned Gateway Casino & Entertainment a City of Burnaby Environment Award in the category of Business Stewardship for environmental achievements in energy efficiency and conservation in the operation of Grand Villa Casino last month.

Following the successful rollout of environmentally friendly initiatives at its Grand Villa Casino, Gateway has plans to implement similar energy conservation measures across all its sites in the Lower Mainland and beyond. There’s more to us than just entertainment! Ask us how at

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