October 13, 2017 – Subury, ON – Angels in Pink received a cheque today for $5,000 from Gateway Casinos Sudbury as part of 25 Days of Giving in celebration of Gateway Casinos & Entertainment (Gateway) 25th anniversary in the business of entertainment.

GatewayGIVES is the corporate giving and community engagement program of Gateway Casinos. The 25 Days of Giving campaign will contribute $5,000 to a worthy charity, of the employees’ choosing, in each of the communities where Gateway operates in the month of October. Donations will be made to charities over a 25 day period.  At the end of the campaign, GatewayGIVES will have donated a total of $125,000 to the deserving, employee-selected, charities across Canada.

Gateway has dedicated the month of October to celebrate its silver anniversary with customers, communities and employees. As part of the festivities they launched the 25 Days of Giving campaign through its GatewayGIVES charity program and are letting their employees select the charity of their choice in the communities where they live and work. Angels in Pink was selected in recognition of its work with the Northern Cancer Foundation to raise money to support the treatment of breast cancer in the greater Sudbury area.

“The Northern Cancer Foundation’s Breast Cancer Equipment Fund has been used to purchase several pieces of equipment that assist in the early diagnosis of breast cancer.  We would not be able to provide this life saving equipment without the incredible support and dedication of the Angels in Pink.  They have led the way in purchasing a patient van, an MRI breast coil table, a vacuum assisted biopsy system and now are working on navigation probes to assist with biopsy and treatment.  The Angels in Pink have made a huge difference in the lives of our patients. This donation from Gateway Casinos will bring us one step closer to the purchase of the navigation probes and we are extremely grateful for the support,” said Tannys Laughren, Executive Director of the Northern Cancer Foundation.

“As the leader of the team at Gateway Casinos Sudbury, I am very excited and very proud of the Gateway Gives program that has been officially launched in Sudbury to celebrate Gateway’s 25 Year Anniversary. The employees at the site had the opportunity to submit nominations of local charities and heart-warming stories as to why the charity should be chosen for a surprise donation of $5,000. This is happening across the province and in our properties out west, as part of the celebration of Gateway’s Silver anniversary.  We are very pleased to present a cheque for $5,000 today to Angels in Pink, a very deserving charity that touched the hearts of many employees at our site. Today officially marks the beginning of many strong community partnerships and much more giving as part of our GatewayGIVES campaign supporting our local community,” said Derek Tierney, General Manager Gateway Casinos Sudbury.

Employees at Gateway Casinos Sudbury were united in the choice of Angels in Pink as the beneficiary of 25 Days of Giving in their community. Many had stories of how Angels in Pink touched their lives and several staff members actively participate in the organization to raise funds.

“As an Angels in Pink volunteer, I see how much time and commitment goes into raising money for the Breast Cancer Equipment Fund and how much each dollar really counts. Having my workplace donate $5,000 makes me incredibly proud to be an employee of Gateway Casinos and Entertainment as well as a volunteer for an amazing organization,” said Melanie Cropp, a Security Supervisor at the casino.

Chelsey Jones, a Security Officer with the casino added, “Angels in Pink is a local group of volunteers who raise money for more advanced equipment that help to detect breast cancer at an earlier stage. I think this is absolutely remarkable, not only as a woman but a soon-to-be wife and mother, because breast cancer affects everyone. I am sure that the $5,000 would be a huge step for these amazing women who work so hard to get this advanced equipment.”

The passion for Angels in Pink was summarized in this statement from Danielle Foster the  D/R Slot Shift Manager at the casino, “I nominated Angles in Pink because of the work they do in the community.  They make a difference. I am a big supporter of early detection which is one of their focuses with the equipment that they help buy.”