Health & Safety

 BCLC and casinos throughout B.C. are getting ready to welcome you back. We’re taking extra care to provide a safe experience for all staff and guests, with our health and safety plans approved by public-health authorities.

We are excited to welcome our customers back to the fun and excitement of Gateway Casinos.

Gateway Health & Safety Promise

The health and wellbeing of our guests and employees is our top priority

  • Casinos will reduce seating capacities at all available games in order to comply with public health guidelines for safe distancing and allow for minimum of six feet between guests.
  • Our facilities continue to operate with the highest health & safety standards and will follow all public health officials’ guidelines to ensure that our facilities are clean, safe and healthy.
  • New training given to employees to ensure their own health and safety as well as others.
  • All hard surfaces and high touch areas are sanitized frequently throughout the day.
  • Employee wellness will be checked at the beginning of each shift and no employee is allowed in the facility with any flu-like symptoms.
  • Our team are washing their hands frequently with soap and water or with an alcohol-based hand rub for at least 20 seconds.
  • All areas will be deep cleaned and sanitized at least once per day with continuous cleaning throughout the day.
  • We have clearly marked areas where guests queue with floor decals for your safety and convenience.
  • We have added Plexiglas barriers at players club desks, guest services, cashiers, and other areas throughout the property, to protect guests and employees alike.
  • We have eliminated hand-to-hand contact with guests and co-workers (no handshakes, fist bumps, high-fives, etc.)
  • We will continue to consult with the public health officials to ensure the health and wellbeing of our guests and employees.

What to Expect When You Visit

By order of the Provincial Health Officer, beginning on September 13, 2021, proof of vaccination is required to enter casinos, community gaming centres and bingo halls in B.C.

Starting September 13, 2021, proof of single dose vaccination is required. By October 24, 2021, proof of double dose vaccination will be required. The requirement is in place until January 31, 2022 and may be extended by public health.

Update September 28, 2021- In accordance with new Public Health orders for the East Fraser Valley region, you will be required to show proof of full vaccination (2 doses) through the BC Vaccine Card along with photo ID for entry. Partial vaccination (1 dose) will not be accepted.

Accepted proof of vaccination includes:

  • B.C. Residents: B.C. Vaccine Card, mobile or printed
  • Canadian Visitors: Provincially/territorially officially recognized vaccine record
  • International Visitors: Proof of vaccination used to enter Canada

In all of the jurisdictions where we operate, the provincial government and Public Health Officers (PHOs) have implemented proof of vaccination requirements for all guests of our casinos, restaurants and some amenities. The Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC) notes that vaccination is one of the most effective ways to help protect ourselves, our families and communities against COVID-19. At Gateway, we are taking the step to implement an Employee COVID-19 Vaccination Policy. This will best ensure we are fulfilling our requirement to provide a safe and healthy environment for our employees and guests. Beginning November 8, 2021, all employees at Gateway are required to provide proof of full COVID-19 vaccination or begin completing weekly rapid testing and adhering to mandatory mask requirements, regardless of the public health direction of mask mandate.

Reduced capacity will be in effect to support physical distancing of at least two metres in all areas. Where physical distancing is not possible, such as between players at table games, or where interaction between staff and players is required, a physical barrier (such as a plexi-glass divider) is installed. Signage and floor decals throughout the facility will remind players of physical distancing requirements.

Effective August 25, 2021, face masks are REQUIRED for all guests inside public spaces at our all of our British Columbia Casinos or Chances locations including all restaurants and patios.
Employees will be required to wear an approved mask while working at our properties.
It is required that guests wear a face masks while inside the facility. Please bring your own mask when you visit.

 Prior to reopening all casinos, community gaming centres and bingo halls completed a deep cleaning.

All casino service providers will be required to follow comprehensive health and safety guidelines. Sanitation of surfaces and gaming equipment including slot machines will occur frequently throughout the day.

You may notice our gaming floors look different. To support physical distancing, slot games have been reconfigured to allow at least two metres of distance between players. Where physical distancing is not possible, a plexi-glass divider is installed in between machines.

We’ve removed some seats at table games and changed the way we handle cards, dice and chips. Our dealers will use hand sanitizer throughout game play and cards will be dealt face up by the dealer to minimize touchpoints. Players will not be permitted to touch cards, with the exception of Squeeze Baccarat, which utilizes one-time use cards. See our frequently asked questions at the bottom of this page for more information on how specific table games are changing.

To encourage frequent hand washing, hand sanitizer stations will be available throughout casinos, community gaming centres, and bingo halls for all guests and employees. You will also see reminders to wash your hands frequently. In addition, all gaming facilities will have pre-shift health checks for their employees on an ongoing basis.

Click Here for Gateway’s Full Health & Safety Document