For the security team at Starlight New Westminster Casino, an idea for a team bonding exercise turned into an unforgettable experience, bringing smiles to many people faces.

Headed by Krishneel Ram, and accompanied by a number of the Starlight New Westminster security members including Aaron Bhadrasen, Gurvir Bisra, Ryan Uppal, Jerard Valencia, Alvin Benigno, Shawn Dhanoa and Mihai Tomuta, the team decided to break away from the traditional bonding activities and opted to spend some time giving back to the community.

Using their own money, collectively they raised $830, bought all the food, provided all the equipment, and spent their personal time on Sunday October 14, cooking hot meals by hand for the less fortunate in Downtown Vancouver. With a steady lineup across the day, they served more than 430 people, smiling and engaging with each individual as they served them.

When asked for the inspiration behind the event, Krishneel said that he wanted to strengthen the relationships within the security team and create a culture of kindness and giving back to the community. It turned out to be even more than he had hoped for, with the rest of the team describing it as an incredible moment that they will remember for life. They look forward to the next “giving back” event being even bigger and better.

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